Cross the project threshold

The Franco Bertazzini Architect's studio is placed in Prato - N.11/4 of via degli Abatoni - inside an airy urban space, full of light, surrounded by green and the scent of the flowers of the nearby the balconies.
In the foreground the identificative plate of the studio, explanatory of an ethic inclination toward the safeguard of natural heritage.
Crossed the threshold one flight of steps, on the right, and a second, on the left, engage the will of success of the firm. An involuntary tribute that accompanies, in the silence of the day colors, the determination of the possible definition of an articulated and complex project.

Creative avant-garde

Up the stairs and passed the temporary distraction of a critic look to the new, wide, circumstance, on the right, the chromatic green door: a time of passage, the crossing of unconscious border.
Thoughts, ideas, private analysis, will finally meet a qualified interlocutor able to perceive and conform desires, dreams, factual paradigms, constructive suggestions, cost anxieties.
A new plate, similar to the first, confirms the exactness of the positioning. Maybe a ring, maybe two, doesn't matter, the boundary lines are to be crossed, always. Differently, how can we speak about creative avant-garde!

Story of a pipe that is not

The soft light of a lamp illuminates the wait. So it is if you like, stated Luigi Pirandell. It is part of a game, who open and welcome, the experience of pratice confirms that, it is never the wanted interlocutor, chosen, previously identified.
Risolutive a sitting: necessary. To review the notes? Also. Not always. That it is forbidden to smoke is obvious. The air is clean, the order exemplary, no trace of virtuous and spacious ashtrays, ceramic accomplices of the vice.
The architects, we know, are special beings, and if they smoke, they smoke the pipe, impeccabile manufact of sinuous design, easy to develop, eventually companion of one thousand adventures in the yard.


It is time to be time. And the glass door is opened; a new line of boundary is crossed, with the look distracted by a second lamp that discretely enlighten the aerial picture of a city: probably a tribute to the city of Prato.
There is no rush. The ambient is pleasant and, to tell the truth, there aren't traces of Tabacco Latakia. No pipes!
The relaxing atmosphere predisposes to the conversation and amplifies the desire of confirms, constructive words, actionable solutions, of seducing ipotesishipotesis to verify, without rush, knowingly.

Project opportunities: the team

The smiling one Daniel Tinti and Damian Paoletti, young college students, members of the Faculty of Architecture of the Renaissance university of Florence.
On the left, helpful and confident, the architect Franco Bertazzini, the main reason of the visit. The meeting is jovial, open, professional, The conversation animated, loose, engaging.
The atmosphere is creative, pulsating, and the previous interrogatives take shape, every doubt refuted. The new operative meeting, already agreed will transform the day lived in a successful day.

The spoken words

Comfortable seating allows to listen, to interrupt, to extend an argument, a detail, an hypothesized proposal.
The orientation is to conclude the execution of works in a reasonable time. Hypotesis are submitted, discussion of details, hypothetical budgets.
The numerous projects lying with order on the desk listen and smile, they too, at the time, discussed and approved, made definitive. The real creative process will come later, isolated the circumstances, established the paradigms, set a maximum expense, opened and re-closed the chromatic green door.

Shortly before, poccodopo: time utopias

"To take shape to the redeployment of the interior we can also inspire to the socio-cultural contest of the building". Why not, it can be an idea, this like many others that will born encouraged by the competence, transversal and liquid creativity of a young team, motivated and qualified.
However, it is known, when you start to work on a project, any project, you know where you start but you never know where it will end.
A new and different point of view, an overlooked detail, any condition is capable to transform an established situation, one previous considered keystone, shortly before, undeniable.

Drawing Board No. 1

The discrete charme of a piston drawing bard is immeasurable. Only who had the lucky chance to utilize it, can comprehend the charm and the importance.
A drawing board talks, listens, convinces to change road, mumbles, critics, approve, moves the head left to right, inexorably; warns, it is known, the pressure of the pencil and when the tip doesn't silently slide on the paper as it should, the project is born tired, wrinkled in on itself.
The stability is less and the piston bolts, forcing the unwary creative to try to change the pencil or, preferably, to review his notes.

The unexpected: room with a view

"In order to create a cozy and functional internal ambient the designer can take advantage the prevalent physical conditions and limit the effects of those that are more problematic."
The approach towards a project often needs a different ambient, snug, quiet, out of time, apparently near and in that precise contest distant one thousand miles from noises of the world, news, or daily facts.
A creative radious space, enjoyable and furnished, available to the unexpeted client, not scheduled, that will overlap, as operative person, to a previous scheduled visit still in progress.

Drawing Board No. 2

A second drawing board, defined as rocker, essential, as essential are the pencils: HB, F, H, 2H. The architect pencils.
"The new buildings are excellent opportunities to incorporate sustainable strategies at low energy impact, sustainability promoted with the use of a network of producers and local suppliers for first needs and services; to reduce the energy impact it is used, when it is possibile, recycled materials."
Like to say that also the used pencil and reduced in impractical sizes can be easily utilized in a silver tube provided with a circular twisted block.

Expressive grammars

A third and reserved creative ambient is particularly suitable to broad conversations, indicated to read, for boisterous work meetings of the team, and to meet clients particular demanding supported by the exciting needs of an entire household.
"Develop often mean to locate the subtle equilibrium between use of the space and proctection from particular environmental."
The same balance that are you are looking inside infinite discussions on the solution of a problem, on the peculiar valor of a detail, on the possibility or not of a view, on the real factuality of a resolving expedient.

Rigor & Discipline

The desk of the architect Carmine di Giorgio does not show dark sides, creative chaos, useles overlappings. Only the bare essential is disposed to avoid the look useless search paths.
"The narration, in architecture, is an expedient that describes the history of a building. usually consist in a series of events that gradually reveals the nature or the character of the space, of the building or the complex. The developer can communicate many different things: history, geology or geography, a brand, a professional identity, or also the reversible relations with other elements".
The trappings do not live here. Phone, pencils, calculator, hearphones, an oil paint full of virtues.